About Us

Valsala Trading are the authorized dealers for Jolly Board Ltd. India. Jolly Board is India's largest fibre board manufacturer. The company produces a wide range of Softboards that strive to meet India's industrial and domestic requirements. The company exports 70% of its production.

The comprehensive product range manufactured includes Bitumen Impregnated Softboard, Plain Softboard, Laminated Softboard and Painted Softboard in various thickness & multiple surface textures. The company also offers exclusive products like non-combustible and acoustical ceiling tiles.

Jolly Board products are used by quality conscious builders, architects and direct consumers. The boards are used everywhere...in homes and offices, in stores and schools, in expansion joint of a bridge and in airport runways, sidewalk and for packaging and interlining, the list goes on and on. Jolly Softboard is soft, resilient, light coloured sheet material 10 to 25 mm thick, manufactured from bagasse (sugar-cane) fibres.

Jolly Softboards are grooved or drilled to improve their sound absorbing capabilities and then used as acoustic boards. They are used for ceilings and wall linings particularly where reflected sound is to be reduced. Jolly Board is a premier manufacturer of different types of Insulation Boards including soft board.

The soft boards of our company are in great demand and suitable for every requirement of soft board as well as various types of insulation boards. Jolly Board has been producing softboards in India since 1958. Our Softboards are highly suitable for ceiling, partitions, panels and floorings. Insulation Board and Softboards of Jolly Board are comparable with the best in the world.